Collection of olives

The fruit of the olive tree, depending on weather conditions every year begins to be collected from mid-October until the end of December. This period is for our region, but it is not the same for all locations.

The harvest in our area is mainly a family affair that everyone has to perform a specific job.

 The fruit is removed from the tree combing the branch gently and cutting off the fruit. The main concern in harvesting is not to injure both the tree and the fruit in order to obdain the best quality of olive oil.

The fruit harvest time begins when the color of the fruit is about 70% green and 30% black.

The fruit is transported to the mill with large trays to be ventilated and not pressed to ensure the best quality of the oil.

In tha way we ensure that microorganisms are not grown in the fruit, which cause deterioration (hydrolysis of triglycerides) and acidification.

The result of this practice is to achieve very low acidity (less than 0.3) of our oil every year.

A key element in our effort to produce olive oil with excellent quality characteristics is to have healthy disease-free fruit  and to collect it from the tree on the basis of the quality of the oil and not the expected quantity.