Herbs & Oils

The pure natural edible essential oils contain the vital concentrated energy, the “soul” of the plant, and offer it to us helping to maintain and improve the energy that each of us has.

Hippocrates, the Greek healer and father of Medicine, recommended the use of herbs, pure air, exercise, and balanced nutrition as elements of good health. He recorded the use of about 400 herbs and aromatic plants for the treatment of various diseases. Hippocrates believed that the disease was in fact an imbalance between the basic elements in the body and the proper use of the herbs could restore this lost balance.

Almost 200 different chemical elements are included in each aromatic plant. The combinations of different plants and herbs can benefit the organism through the synergies created by the therapeutic substances of each plant.

Essential oils are concentrated plant energy.

Generally, they are 50 to 100 times more concentrated than the plants they come from, and are therefore powerful "reservoirs" of natural energy.

They provide various benefits to various organs of the body because

 • They are detoxifying for the body.

• They are antiseptic and anti-infectious.

• They are balancing because they regulate the nervous system and hormones.

• They are refreshing because they enhance and strengthen the vital energy.

Use in cooking and pastry: they give a more intense aroma and delicious flavour to some food even in packaged foods. They are useful in pastry, as well as in bakery. They sprinkle various roasts, salads, boiled, red, soups, etc.

Also due to their antimicrobial properties, they help digestion.

Biologically active plants