We can only be distinguished for a high quality, authendicity and purity product.


In Greece there is a big variety of olive trees that are found in many parts of our country and are affected by geological originality, the microclimate and the cultivation practices. This is because olive oil has been produced in our country for thousands of years and until recently the small lot that corresponds to each grower has been mainly intended to solely meet family needs. What is left of this consumption is disposed against a small fee so as not to be left for the next growing season.


This social reality has given the Greek olive oil characteristics that have moulded its quality.

On the one hand there wasn’t an interest in systematically developing a scientific basis of Greek production, so many practices (especially after harvesting the fruit) didn’t meet the high standards for the good maintenance of the product.

 On the other hand, there was no interest in intensifying production using pesticides and other chemical methods in the fields and in the process of the extraction of oil which confirms our claim for the purity and top quality of the product, though. 

So the Greek olive oil being produced by small producers is in its great majority assessed as excellent in both quality and authenticity it is usually favoured by the microclimate of each area, and could easily be ranked as excellent in its organoleptic characteristics if there was interest and right motivation.

This is the kind of producers we belong to and declare at the launch of our effort that our product is available in this particular phase in small quantities, which can not grow in the near future unless other producers with the same philosophy assist our attempt.