“The boats of Kassiopi scoured the Mediterranean Sea and traded in Carthage, in Rome, Vrindisio (now Brindisi, Marseilles, Gibraltar, on the coast of the Adriatic, the Aegean islands, in Asia Minor, on the coast of the Black Sea and Egypt continent products such as wine, oil, olives, fruits, nuts and fabrics "*              



Our area is located in the prefecture of Preveza in Epirus region, which occupies the north-western part of Greece. It belongs to the region of the town of Louros and is a semi mountainous area. In our area trees have been cultivated by small producers since antiquity.


Today, the total production of olive oil in Epirus is approximately 2% of the total domestic production. The varieties grown are Koroneiki and Lianoelia. We have chosen both Koroneiki and lianoelia which produce olive oil of exceptional quality with a wonderful aroma and flavour.

The olive groves in Greece account for 20% of agricultural land and produce about 350,000 tons of olive oil per year.



We are the third olive growing country in the world, producing 13% of the global production while Italy comes second (22%) and Spain comes first (40%).

But we are the first country in the global production of extra virgin olive oil, which makes up 75% of our total production. The corresponding figures for Italy are 45% and Spain 30%.              



*. Harry Gouvas: "History of Preveza" edition: Foundation Museum of Arts and Sciences Preveza