lemon oil

LEMON: It is usually considered a curative fruit rather than a curative mean. The most important feature of lemon is the ability to stimulate the body's defence mechanisms against infections. Because it neutralizes acidity in the body, lemon helps the maintenance of a healthy acidic alkaline balance. Lemon acts beneficially to depression and indecision.

 Its essential oil is equally refreshing and stimulates the circulation system. It is antiseptic and miraculous antibacterial. It relieves pressure and acts beneficially to depression and indecision. With a pleasant scent and greenish colour, the lemon essential oil is very beneficial in our circulatory system, regulates blood circulation and reduces pressure. It has antimicrobial action and antioxidant properties. 

 APPLICATIONS IN COOKING This oil is excellent in combination with green salads, roasted meats, poultry, boiled and baked vegetables, roasted or fried fish. Boiled spinach with rice, on vanilla ice cream with a pounce of salt and elsewhere we want lemon.